Art Walk Los Angeles!! July 9th, 2009 in downtown LA!

Musicians Performing LIVE in Concert at Crown Cafe:
Lena-Marie, Vince Grant, Cory Pearman, Mary Pascoe,
Buffy Visick and Her Mormon Organ, and the fantabulous JEN!

I wasn't the only Raging Peanut displaying my solo songs
at the Los Angeles Art Walk Event at Crown Cafe!

Cory Pearman brought me up on stage to harmonize for
a funny song about our favorite gal, Mary J.

We started writing the song on Monday, finished it on
Thursday afternoon, and performed it that night. Whew!

THE RAGING PEANUTS * Art Walk Concert Photographs by Jaq Watson

*tour diary by a silly los angeles musician*

It was SUCH an honor to play for Bitter Sugar Musik at
the Art Walk Event for Crown Cafe in downtown Los Angeles!!
What a spectacular venue!! And wonderful people... the performers,
the spectators, and the staff!!! Whenever I turned around, I met
another awesome person!! Yay! Shanda and JEN! You rock my world.
JEN warmed up the evening with a jam session that blew us all away!
She found some very talented crowd members (just out enjoying
Art Walk, not planning to sing), and rocked her guitar
along with their vocals of audience-chosen songs. What talent.

Vince Grant invited anyone up to sing along with him, so
Jen and I did so and it was insanely fun!! Then Cory later
brought me up to harmonize on "Mary Juana" (a Raging Peanuts song
we JUST wrote a few days before the show! Click
to see a video of the first live performance!)

It was a merging arts kind of night-- my favorite!!

Lena-Marie and Buffy Visick and Her Mormon Organ also graced
the stage during Art Walk night. We had lots of laughs, moments
of awe, and beautiful artwork surrounding us all evening.

Crown Cafe, Bitter Sugar Musik and Art Walk ROCK!!!

Mary Pascoe and Cory Pearman at Art Walk LA
B&W Concert Photographs by Alex Anaya

What a fun concert. I love to play live music and sing!! :)
That was another insanely AWESOME audience... thank you all
SO MUCH!! Your energy, smiles, and all that jazz make all
the hard work SO WORTH IT!!!!!! :D See you at the next show!

Were you at the concert? Are you a fan of Art Walk? I'd love to hear from you!!
Post a little something below! :)

Many more concert photographs available in the gallery.
THE RAGING PEANUTS surprise appearance at Art Walk Los Angeles 2009.
(Mary Pascoe and Cory Pearman scheduled to appear separately,
but just can't help their nuttier sides from tagging along.)

Free live music and comedy in LA-- does life get any better?